Two Spoons Full = Client & Customer Satisfaction

The cashier calls “Next Please”.  After ringing your items, she asks, “Do you have the advertised coupons for your shoes and clothing purchases”?

Learning that you do not, she steps away from the counter explaining that she will check to see if there are any coupons available in the store.  She locates the coupons and applies them to your purchase, resulting in a 35% savings on the total bill.

You exit the store with positive thoughts and a gratuitous feeling from the experience, proving that two spoons full of compassion and caring equal a satisfied customer with a desire to return. Two spoons full of sharing knowledge let’s the customer know you are not only interested in making the sale but, you will take an extra step to help.


The clerk was trained to communicate effectively to execute her role.  She was given the latitude to provide excellent customer service to help satisfy individual needs.  Increase your customer satisfaction by offering current market training to your employees!  Are you looking for ways to increase your customer satisfaction?  Learn more about Extend Influence training opportunities by clicking………………………