It was like Quicksand

Are you beginning to SINK because you are In over your head during the sales call?
You were prepared for the call, you thought. Everything was just right, you were set with information on your product and your script was perfected. But wait, you were in over your head with your communication and your interactions. In the marketplace we sometimes find ourselves – “In Over Our Heads”. Whether you are on a sales call selling widgets or in the call center servicing a customer who purchased a warranty on a defective item, you can step into quicksand and begin to SINK (Sailing In a Non- negotiable Kink) on the call.
Quicksand readily yields to pressure. It is loose sand mixed with water into which heavy objects effortlessly sink. If you find yourself or your staff, “in over your heads” or in a position to SINK, learning to manage your communication and interaction is critical to whether you move forward or not to move forward. Once you are emerged in quicksand, you probably wonʼt survive.
Consumer behaviorist suggest people buy from people not from products. Your words and responses are paramount to your success. If your conversation, body language, vocal variety, silence or voice, is off slightly to your perspective customer, you could possibly be stepping in QUICKSAND and on your way to SINK. The old adage, “the customer is always right”, is still believed by the customer.Many experts suggest improving your communication and interactions increase your success ratio in all areas of business and personal relations. Extend Influence team of experts online/onsite training sessions help assist you and your staff manage opportunities. Donʼt SINK from the customers perspective. Learn more about training opportunities by clicking _____________