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Extend Influence marketing consulting firm offers a “fully integrated” marketing and training solution that includes: market management, media, research, creative (messaging & design), public relations, sales, training and coaching.  In addition, Extend Influence manages the distribution channel and marketing arm of  a team of medical professionals who distribute a variety of medical products and services. We develop individuals, teams, businesses, and communities for better performance on the job and in the marketplace.

Extend Influence marketing experts examine and analyze your current marketing strategy and offer effective and creative counsel based on the analysis.  Our recommendations are solution oriented and have proven to greatly impact our wide range of customers in reaching their goals.  Our integrated marketing approach has benefited a wide range of customers in markets such as Airport Authorities, Bio Pharmacies, Technology, Schools for Higher Learning, Laboratories, Chamber of Commerce’s, Non Profit Organizations and many more.

Marketing Experts who Provide you Resources that Influence for Effect

influence. (verb) Power exerted in the mind or behaviors others, to command, domination, consequence, importance, and moment.

effect. (verb) To introduce to come into being, bring about, cause, draw on, make produce, secure, to carry to a successful conclusion, bring off, carry out, carry through, actualize, realize, achieve, and procure.

Extend Influence communication and leadership development training sessions extend and develop capabilities for better job performance. It involves transfer of new knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes to perform specific roles in the workplace. Our team of professional experts include extension educators, industry personnel and consultants with over 75 years combined marketing/consulting successes. Extend Influence educators are deployed across the United States to deliver unique training sessions such as, Influence for Effect, Echo’s of Persuasion, Linking Teams in Position, I’m Just Saying, Connect Proper Exchange, Follow the Leader, Your Blind Spot and more.  Training is available onsite locations or via web in multiple languages through Tutorials and Role Play.

Extend Influence is DBE, EDGE, MBE, and LEDE Certified since 2009 to current (published 2020 year)

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