Get to Know Nannette

Nannette Taylor is a marketing expert, educator, and motivator with 30 + years marketing management successes.   Throughout her professional career she’s managed a variety of products through many distribution channels.  Ms. Taylor marketing expertise continues to drive sales in multiple global markets.

In 2009 Ms. Taylor founded and currently operates Extend Influence, a  “fully integrated” marketing consulting firm.   Nannette’s firm manages and provides all facets of marketing, professional development training and coaching for businesses, individuals and teams.

Ms. Taylor has acted in many sales and manager positions for a variety of corporations driving outside sales in excess of $ 126 million per year.  Some industries include:  Biopharmacies, Laboratory Testing & Treatment, Technology,  Pharmaceuticals, Airport Authorities, Schools for Higher Learning, Hospitals, Chamber of Commerce, Financial Institutions and others.  Nannette volunteers her time to champion health and wellness initiatives for economically challenged communities affecting over 10,000 households per year.

Diverse Specializations

Extend Influence (EI) owned and operated by Ms. Taylor since 2009 provides a “fully integrated” disruptive marketing solution that includes all facets of marketing:  Public Relations, Media, Creative (messaging & design), Research, Market Management, Sales, Channel Management, Training and Coaching.  

“Whether I am training, managing various marketing facets, or developing businesses and people, my focus is to provide extreme customer service and maximize the existing talents and skills of my customers.  As a marketing expert operating in 2020, it is also very important to offer alternative “disruptive marketing” solutions to meet and most often exceed client needs.”  – commented Ms. Taylor.

Nannette’s goal is to increase profit margins and customer loyalty for her clients by utilizing Extend Influence’s techniques and approach.  Vision, Integrity, Structure, and Accountability remain Ms. Taylor’s key ingredients to her successes.

Incredible Accomplishments, Experience, Education and Awards

Throughout Ms. Taylor’s career she has monumental accomplishments. Her influence and work positively affected companies overall processes and profit margins. Ms. Taylor created the design of the printed ingredients for Anheuser Busch “Budweiser Beer”. Her recommendations were adopted and appear on all of Busch’s products today.  Ms. Taylor created the Value Added Reseller Association (“VARS”) for Lucent Technologies. VAR’s installed and certified Lucent’s products marketed by Ms Taylor. She created an “Association of Competitor’s”. Ms. Taylor’s recommendation and creation of VAR Association resulted in increased VAR confidence for Lucent Technologies (brand loyalty) and an additional $ 30 million dollars in regional sales. The VAR Association was incorporated nationally and continues to help drive Lucent’s business today.

Ms. Taylor has earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and a degree in Business Management from Franklin University, located in Columbus, Ohio. Ms. Taylor graduated with an overall 4.0 average in her area of interest,  Marketing.   Nannette has specialty certificates from Takeda Institute of Diabetes and Lucent Institute of Network Applications and Sales.

Ms. Taylor has received several achievement awards throughout her professional sales management career. She received national recognition for the highest increase in product distribution for the year. Other awards Ms. Taylor received include Silver Winner Award, Circle of Leaders, Spring Break Awards and Channel Executive of the Year.

Contact Information

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Our Services

Our services include the following:

  • Communication Development Training: Influence for Effect, I’m Just Saying, Your Blind Spot, Connect Proper Exchange, Echo’s of Persuasion, Linking Teams in Position, WOW, and post coaching
  • Sales Training Influence for Effect, Connect Proper Exchange, Follow the Leader, Let’s Talk Straight, and post coaching
  • Marketing Consulting Services: Market Management, Public Relations, Media, Creative (messaging & design), Research, Sales, and Channel Management



Customer Comment – “Ms. Taylor brings a sense of team and joy into the educational environment.  Again, my recommendation is without reservation.”  …….Dr. Lynn Spampinato