Overview of All Services

Extend Influence’s team of experts, specialize in a fully integrated marketing solution. Nannette Taylor, President, CEO of Extend Influence shares, ” Our fully integrated marketing solution includes:  public relations, media, research, market management, sales, creative consulting (messaging & design), medical channel management, training and coaching for both public and private markets.  Experts carefully planned and designed all of our training to benefit various levels of learning. Extend Influence extends and develops individuals, teams, businesses and communities for better performance on the job and in the marketplace”.

Extend Influence’s customized training involves transferring new knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes to perform specific roles. Our team of professionals include extension educators, industry personnel and consultants with over 75 year’s combined marketing consulting and training successes.

Our Extreme Customer Service & Products include:              Marketing Consulting  including  Medical  Channel  Management  |       Sales & Leadership Development Training  ~   Communication Development Training  &  Coaching

We Offer the Right Learning Environment for You or Your Team

Learning environments and training are strong motivators that are essential for receptivity and learning. Research has shown that learning is at a maximum when people are motivated to learn (Knowles et all. 1998). Extend Influence offers training on site, off site and via web based. Web based training allows participants to learn in an environment conducive to their liking. On Site/Off Site training allows trainers increased trainee participation through facilitation of discussion at set times during the session. During all implementation of training, trainees are continually referred to practical considerations to help them recognize the importance of the subject matter and motivate them to learn.

We Focus on You and Your Team

Extend Influence Consultants will work closely with your team and examine your current marketing approach while offering creative solutions and strategies. Consultants will assist in identifying participants, assess training needs, set training objectives, and develop evaluation strategies. Extend Influence Trainers will provide training that focuses on information to bring about the desired change. Your organization may have need to train groups or individual staff members. EI provides a high level of training that ensures the appropriate level of information, to bring about the desired change and achieve training objectives.

Certifications of Completion Awards and post coaching services are available to each participant following the completion of  training.

Learn more about our unique offers to fit your specific needs by emailing info@extendinfluence.com.  MBE, DBE, LEDE, EDGE Certified.

Our Services

Our services include the following:

Service Features

All of our services feature the following:

  • Marketing Experts
  • Distribution Channel Management
  • On Site Training and Coaching
  • Off Site Training/Web Based Training in Multiple Languages
  • Team of Professionals
  • Certifications